Effect of Ethynyl Estradiol on the Secretion of Hepatic Triglyceride

I Weinstein, S Seedman, M Veldhuis

Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1975 May;149(1):181-4.

PMID: 1144424


The concentrations of triglyceride in the blood of female rats increased 2- and 4-fold during treatment with 5 and 15 mug/kg of ethynyl estradiol, respectively. The rate of secretion of triglyceride increased 66% over controls with livers obtained from the rats administered ethynyl estradiol. Ethynyl estradiol induced a hypocholesterolemia in the donor animals but the secretion of cholesterol into the perfusate from livers obtained from these animal was not affected. Adrenal corticosterone levels were depressed 48% in animals receivint of ethynyl estradiol on the liver or secondary to other hormonal changes.

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