The Mitochondrial Ca2+-activated K+ Channel Activator, NS 1619 Inhibits L-type Ca2+ Channels in Rat Ventricular Myocytes

Won Sun Park, Sung Hyun Kang, Youn Kyoung Son, Nari Kim, Jae-Hong Ko, Hyoung Kyu Kim, Eun A Ko, Chi Dae Kim, Jin Han

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2007 Oct 12;362(1):31-36.

PMID: 17698036


We examined the effects of the mitochondrial Ca(2+)-activated K(+) (mitoBK(Ca)) channel activator NS 1619 on L-type Ca(2+) channels in rat ventricular myocytes. NS 1619 inhibited the Ca(2+) current in a dose-dependent manner. NS 1619 shifted the activation curve to more positive potentials, but did not have a significant effect on the inactivation curve. Pretreatment with inhibitors of membrane BK(Ca) channel, mitoBK(Ca) channel, protein kinase C, protein kinase A, and protein kinase G had little effect on the Ca(2+) current and did not alter the inhibitory effect of NS 1619 significantly. The application of additional NS 1619 in the presence of isoproterenol, a selective beta-adrenoreceptor agonist, reduced the Ca(2+) current to approximately the same level as a single application of NS 1619. In conclusion, our results suggest that NS 1619 inhibits the Ca(2+) current independent of the mitoBK(Ca) channel and protein kinases. Since NS 1619 is widely used to study mitoBK(Ca) channel function, it is essential to verify these unexpected effects of NS 1619 before experimental data can be interpreted accurately.

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