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  • Meet Your Analytical Needs at Lab and Outside

    Ph / EC / ISE / DO / Multi-parameter Meters Electrodes, reagents and accessories are available.

    Professional-smart Series

    Professional-smart Series

    Accurate-smart Series

    Accurate-smart Series

    Accurate-powerful Series

    Accurate-powerful Series

    Reliable-durable Series

    Reliable-durable Series

    Eco-basic Series

    Eco-basic Series

  • To Aid in Detection of Structures Within Tissues

    BASO Biological Stains Series

    Alfa Chemistry is an authorized distributor for BASO and provides finest quality biological stains to aid in detection of structures within tissues, to define biological tissues, cell populations or organelles within individual cells.

  • High-tech Analytical Instruments

    REX Water Quality Meter and Laboratory Instruments

    REX is a leading brand in the field of scientific instruments and is electrochemical instrument & water quality analysis expert. Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of REX scientific instruments, including:

  • Professional and Fully Responsive

    Best Bio-reagents for Life Science by Bio-Helix

    Bio-Helix has been focusing on providing the good quality bio-reagents and tools for diagnostic devices and has become a trustworthy and welcome brand of reagents in laboratories of life science. Alfa Chemistry offer a wide range of Bio-Helix bio-reagents and tools, including:

  • Chromatography Standards

    The chromatography standards we offer have the advantages of high purity and stable quality. Meanwhile, we can provide large package customization and COA with the goods.




Alfa Chemistry is a global leading supplier of analytical chemistry reagents, providing a wide range of analytical chemicals for a variety of analytical applications. With an eternal pursuit of wining customer satisfaction and trust, Alfa Chemistry enjoys a high reputation in product quality and after-sales service. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide our customers with better quality products and more perfect service system.



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