Waste Water Matrix CRMs

Water Matrix CRMs

Waste water matrix CRMs have one or more definite characteristics and can be used as a measuring tool in the industry of analysis and measurement. Waste water matrix CRMs have some characteristics. First, the characteristic value of waste water matrix CRMs has the advantages of accuracy, uniformity and stability. Secondly, the quantity value of waste water matrix CRMs is transitive. Third, waste water matrix CRMs are physical objects. Fourth, each waste water matrix CRM is accompanied by a certificate to make it traceable.

The compositions in the waste water have the characteristic of complexity, and the pure standards can not meet the demands of the detection systems, so it is necessary to use the waste water matrix CRMs. The waste water matrix CRMs combine the target object with the matrix, so that it is consistent with the real tested samples, and can be used for the analysis of waste water quality. In addition, waste water matrix CRMs can effectively avoid the influence of matrix effect on the detection of substance composition, which is of great significance for the accurate control of waste water discharge quality. Common matrix standards include anionic surfactant, minerals, nitrite, oil, grease and others.

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