Analytical Reagents

Analytical reagents are a kind of chemical reagents used for analysis and testing, which can provide molecules, ions or free radicals in qualitative or quantitative analysis, and their reaction products are precipitated or colored compounds or fluorescent substances. Indicators, titrants and reagents for instrument analysis also belong to this category. The most important characteristic of analytical reagent is its sensitivity and selectivity, even if the amount of the tested substance is very small or the concentration of ions is very small, the reagent can be used for identification or quantitative determination.

The analytical reagents and solvents provided by Alfa Chemistry can be used for chromatography, spectroscopy, titration (including Karl Fischer titration, acid-base titration, etc.), food microbiology, microscopy, water quality analysis, gravimetry and other analytical applications. You can search the product name, CAS number and other keywords to quickly find the analytical reagent you need.

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