Quality Control

1. Product date Information Statement

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing products that meet the needs of our customers, and we monitor, preserve and guarantee the quality of our products through the quality system. For products with a shelf life, when the date is indicated only by year and month, the shelf life of the product can reach the last day of the last month.

2. Shipping Terms & Long-term Storage Recommendations

 Shipping Terms

For short-term exposures that do not affect product quality (eg during shipment), Alfa Chemsitry will transport them at room temperature. For sensitive products exposed to the environment for a short time, the products will be stored in ice or dried ice for transportation. Ordinary ambient temperature transportation can reduce transportation costs for customers. The transport path is configured for the shortest transit time. Our customers can request shipping conditions with ice or dry ice at any time, but if the historical data of the product indicates that the product is stable under normal shipping conditions, the customer will be required to pay for the special packaging.

 Long-term Storage Recommendations

There is a recommended environment for long-term storage of products on product labels. For many products, long-term storage at low temperature can increase the shelf life, so please store the product according to the long-term storage conditions recommended on the label.

3. Product Specification List

Most of our products have established product specifications. Product specification information includes:

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