Chromatography Standards

Frequently used for calibration, the chromatography standards have a known concentration to test separating equipment for performance faults. Analytical equipment error would impact the dependability of retention time, purity, molecular weight, and compound identification conclusions. Improving data quality, the substances allow personnel to plot analyte signal ratios and obtain concentrations from a calibration curve. Chromatography standards verify instruments are suitable for intended ion exchange, gel filtration, and hydrophobic interaction procedures.

Alfa Chemistry specializes in providing certified reference material for chromatography, clinical standards, colors, column & instrument performance test mixes, environmental standards, food & beverage standards, forensic and veterinary standards, life sciences standards, petrochemical standards, pharmaceutical and drug standards. The products provided by Alfa Chemistry have the advantages of high purity and stable quality, and can provide large package customization and COA with the goods. Welcome to order.

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