Surfactant Analysis Reagents

Reagents for Surfactant Analysis

Surfactant refers to a substance that can change the interface state of a solution system significantly by adding a small amount of it. Surfactant molecules have both fixed hydrophilic groups and lipophilic groups. The hydrophilic groups tend to enter the aqueous phase, and the lipophilic groups tend to escape the aqueous phase. Therefore, surfactant molecules preferentially occupy the two-phase interface of water/oil (or air), and adopt a directional arrangement mode with the hydrophilic end toward the water phase and the hydrophobic end toward the oil phase (or air), so as to reduce the surface free energy of the system. This special chemical structure determines that surfactant has active interfacial properties, showing good wetting, emulsifying, foaming and other interfacial modification effects.

Surfactant is widely used in various daily life and industrial production, such as washing, oil field flooding, solubilization, sterilization, pharmacy and anti-static. In order to apply surfactant better, it is necessary to understand the performances of surfactants. Therefore, it is very important to analyze surfactants qualitatively or quantitatively. Furthermore, many reagents such as methylene blue, chloroform, dichloromethane, citric acid and the others are used in surfactant analysis.

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CAS Number: 121-54-0
Molecular Weight: 448.08
CAS Number: 13177-41-8
Molecular Weight: 419.71
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