Drugs & Metabolites Standards Used in Forensic and Veterinary

Drugs and Metabolites Standards Used in Forensic and Veterinary

Drugs refer to substances that can prevent, diagnose and treat, and their definition encompasses a wide range. For organisms, medicines can purposely adjust the physiological functions of organisms according to usage and dosage. Its metabolites refer to substances produced by the structural changes of the compound when the drug acts in the human or animal body. The metabolic process may activate the drug to produce an effect, or it may inactivate after an effect. In organisms, the use of drugs will inevitably leave metabolites.

The study of drugs and metabolites is an important part of the study of treatment mechanisms. Drug & metabolite standards are an important class of reference materials. It has important application value in the pharmaceutical industry, animal husbandry, judicial appraisal, etc. These standards can be widely used as reference materials for separation analysis, providing convenience for many identification and analysis fields.

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Why choose Alfa Chemistry?

Alfa Chemistry is one of the largest providers of drugs & metabolites standards used in for forensic and veterinary in the world and the quality assurance is of prime importance to Alfa Chemistry. The solvent from Alfa Chemistry in the world is synonymous with reliability and excellent quality. Because of the exacting nature of our business and the regulatory demands placed upon our industry, Alfa Chemistry continues to be at the forefront in terms of compliance, accreditations and certifications.


  1. Zhoupeng, Z.; et al. Drug metabolism in drug discovery and development [J]. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B 8(5) 721–732.
CAS Number: 1329642-60-5 (anhydrous)
Molecular Weight: 328.37 (anhydrous basis)
CAS Number: 959787-96-3 (free base)
Molecular Weight: 698.90
CAS Number: 1156508-86-9
Molecular Weight: 188.20
CAS Number: 1173021-73-2
Molecular Weight: 308.42
CAS Number: 1185049-09-5
Molecular Weight: 264.23
CAS Number: 1185166-01-1
Molecular Weight: 171.66
CAS Number: 1189467-36-4
Molecular Weight: 237.27
CAS Number: 1189678-81-6
Molecular Weight: 144.08
CAS Number: 1189890-98-9
Molecular Weight: 266.26
CAS Number: 1189947-02-1
Molecular Weight: 326.92
CAS Number: 1216459-54-9
Molecular Weight: 212.24
CAS Number: 1246343-36-1
Molecular Weight: 323.47
CAS Number: 1346602-48-9
Molecular Weight: 460.40
CAS Number: 1420043-63-5
Molecular Weight: 294.39
CAS Number: 1448345-60-5
Molecular Weight: 300.35
CAS Number: 1448346-27-7
Molecular Weight: 368.35
CAS Number: 1448346-38-0
Molecular Weight: 284.35
CAS Number: 1596379-07-5
Molecular Weight: 336.38
CAS Number: 1613439-55-6
Molecular Weight: 300.76
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