Cryptococcus Neoformans Stain

Cryptococcus Neoformans Stain
Cryptococcus Neoformans Stain


Cryptococcus Neoformans Stain

  • Product code: ACMBS-60
  • Specifications: 10mL (Box)
  • Intended use: Mainly used for bacterial staining on whether contain the capsule structure
  • Store temperature: 5℃~30℃
  • Expiry date: 24 Months

More Details

PrincipleMain componentsSample requirementTest procedureResult interpretationMethod limitationPrecautions


There are mucopolysaccharide capsules around the bacteria. The Indian ink wet-sheet method can prove the existence of decidua. The decidua of Cryptococcus neoformans replaces the colloidal carbon particles in the ink and can clearly show the colorless and transparent halo surrounding bacteria.

Main components

Reagent compositionMain ingredient
Cryptococcus neoformans stainIndia ink

Sample requirement

  • Fresh CSF centrifuged at 2000rpm/min 15minutes, then with sediment for smear.

Test procedure

  • 1. Add a small drop of Cryptococcus neoformans stain to the smear.
  • 2. Cover the cover glass with tweezers. Note that the cover glass is slowly tilted down so that it does not generate bubbles.
  • 3. After standing for 10 minutes to observe, in the low magnification, if there is a circular light point in the black background, the middle of a round cell-size material, that is, switch to high magnification carefully observed.

Result interpretation

  • Cryptococcus neoformans on a black background showed obvious thick capsule, and a sprouting spherical spore.

Method limitation

  • Only use for morphological staining to observe.


  • 1. Use ink droplets as a blank control before each microscopic examination.
  • 2. Master the concentration of bacteria, over-concentrated bacterial accumulation is not easy to see the structure, too light to find time-consuming.
  • 3. Don't add too much of the Cryptococcus neoformans staining solution to avoid spillage when covering the slides.
  • 4. Do not shake the reagents before use, and gently pour the reagent on the smear.
  • 5. Under the microscope, the aperture should be properly dimmed to allow easy observation of the "double loop" structure of Cryptococcus neoformans.
  • 6. After each use of reagents, please quickly seal sealed, in order to avoid volatility and affect the effect.
  • 7. This product should be used by professionals and interpretation of the results.
  • 8. Before use, should read the instructions for use, use within the validity period, and do a good job of personal hygiene protection.
  • 9. Dispose of waste according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department after use.
  • 10. The production date, production lot number and expiration date are shown in the outer package.


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2. Tong ming Qing: Clinical Laboratory Pathogenic Microbiology (M). Higher Education Press.

3. Ni Yu-xing: Microbiology and microbiological testing experimental guidance (M). People's Health Publishing House.

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