Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)

Certified Reference Material for Testing and Research

Reference material (RM) is a substance or material that has been determined to have one or more sufficiently uniform characteristic values. As a measuring tool in the industry of analysis and measurement, reference material (RM) plays an indispensable role in calibrating measuring instruments, evaluating measurement and analysis methods, measuring material characteristic values, assessing the operational technical level of analysts, quality control and other fields. Certified reference material (CRM) is a special category of reference material (RM), which must be attached with a certificate that meets certain requirements.

In addition, when a certified reference material (CRM) is combined with a specially designed device, the device may also be considered as a certified reference material (CRM). The certified reference material (CRM) may be a highly pure chemical reagent, or a mixture prepared in proportion, such as a standard pH solution, or a standard sample with complex components prepared by a certain method from a number of natural samples, such as a standard substance for clinical analysis and samples of different qualities in industry.

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Why choose Alfa Chemistry?

Alfa Chemistry is one of the largest providers of certified reference materials (CRMs) in the world and the quality assurance is of prime importance to Alfa Chemistry. The solvent from Alfa Chemistry in the world is synonymous with reliability and excellent quality. Because of the exacting nature of our business and the regulatory demands placed upon our industry, Alfa Chemistry continues to be at the forefront in terms of compliance, accreditations and certifications.

CAS Number: 1007844-38-3
Molecular Weight: 305.40
CAS Number: 101152-94-7
Molecular Weight: 282.81
CAS Number: 101224-22-0
Molecular Weight: 643.76
CAS Number: 10191-41-0
Molecular Weight: 430.71
CAS Number: 1019-57-4
Molecular Weight: 224.17
CAS Number: 1020719-55-4
Molecular Weight: 430.51
CAS Number: 1020719-76-9
Molecular Weight: 414.51
CAS Number: 1024922-02-8
Molecular Weight: 291.37
CAS Number: 102767-28-2
Molecular Weight: 170.21
CAS Number: 104987-11-3
Molecular Weight: 804.02
CAS Number: 104987-12-4
Molecular Weight: 792.01
CAS Number: 1062605-69-9
Molecular Weight: 269.41
CAS Number: 1062606-12-5
Molecular Weight: 319.90
CAS Number: 106266-06-2
Molecular Weight: 410.48
CAS Number: 1066-51-9
Molecular Weight: 115.04
CAS Number: 1089115-04-7
Molecular Weight: 456.43
CAS Number: 110952-70-0
Molecular Weight: 179.23
CAS Number: 1115-70-4
Molecular Weight: 165.62
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