Elemental & Metal Standards

Elemental Metal Standards

Elemental & metal standard is a branch of reference materials, which has the characteristics of accuracy, uniformity and stability. Elemental & metal standard can be a pure substance containing a single element or a mixture of many metal elements. Elemental & metal standards are widely used in various testing techniques and play the following roles.

First, they can be used to verify that the instrument is at a normal level. In general, the analysis of an elemental & metal standard with a test instrument is performed, and if the results are within the known range, the instrument is proved to be serviceable. Second, they can be used to calibrate instruments to ensure their accuracy. Last, they can be used to make standard curves, which is essential in quantitative detection. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the quality and stability of elemental & metal standards in the field of analysis and testing. Common elemental & metal standards include calcium standard, cobalt standard, sulfur standard, boron standard, gold standard and others.

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