Supporting Electrolytes for Electrochemistry

Supporting Electrolytes for Electrochemistry

Supporting electrolytes are widely used in electrochemistry for electroanalytical methods. The role of supporting electrolytes is to increase the solution conductivity of the electrolyte in a chemical cell, but they do not participate in the electrochemical reaction themself. Supporting electrolytes can be broadly classified as inorganic salts, inorganic acids, buffers and organic solvents. Inorganic salts, such as KNO3, Na2SO4 and others, are commonly used in aqueous solution with the advantages of the redox potential of the positive and negative ions is on the outside of the potential window of water. Buffering systems, including acetate, phosphate, citrate and others, are commonly used when controlling the pH of a solution. When an organic solvent is used as a supporting electrolyte, high purity is required. Therefore, it must be thoroughly dried and free of moisture.

In addition, the electrolyte varies from solution to solution. For example, in tetrahydrofuran solvent, LiClO4, NaClO4 are commonly used supporting electrolytes. In acetonitrile solvent, NaClO4, LiClO4, LiCl, NaBF4, R4NClO4 and NBu4BF4 are suitable supporting electrolytes. Moreover, in dimethylamide solvent, LiCl, NaClO4, NaNO3, R4NX, R4NClO4, R4NBF4 are the chosen supporting electrolytes.

Application fields

Supporting electrolytes are generally used in electroanalytical methods, especially polarography and voltammetry, which can be applied in trace analysis of metals and organic compounds, environmental analytic chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and medicinal analysis.

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CAS Number: 10534-59-5
Molecular Weight: 301.51
CAS Number: 111928-21-3
Molecular Weight: 404.40
CAS Number: 15522-59-5
Molecular Weight: 561.69
CAS Number: 16909-22-1
Molecular Weight: 251.36
CAS Number: 18819-89-1
Molecular Weight: 363.58
CAS Number: 1923-70-2
Molecular Weight: 341.91
CAS Number: 1941-30-6
Molecular Weight: 266.26
CAS Number: 210230-40-3
Molecular Weight: 522.61
CAS Number: 3109-63-5
Molecular Weight: 387.43
CAS Number: 311-28-4
Molecular Weight: 369.37
CAS Number: 429-06-1
Molecular Weight: 217.06
CAS Number: 429-07-2
Molecular Weight: 275.22
CAS Number: 429-42-5
Molecular Weight: 329.27
CAS Number: 56-34-8
Molecular Weight: 165.70
CAS Number: 64-20-0
Molecular Weight: 154.05
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