Aromatics CRMs

Aromatics CRMs

Aromatic compounds generally refer to cyclic compounds that contain at least one delocalized bond in the molecule and have an "aromatic" odor. Their structure is your sadness, because they are not easy to decompose and are toxic to the environment and human body. In daily life, incomplete combustion of coal, wood, petroleum and other organic matter will produce polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that pollute the environment.

Aromatic compounds are also contained in foods such as smoked and baked goods. It can be seen that human beings are exposed to aromatic compounds everywhere, so the determination of their content is very important. Chromatographic analysis is a commonly used identification method, and aromatic certified reference materials are often used in qualitative and quantitative analysis, analytical method development, and instrument correction in various application industries. Such materials must meet certain standards to obtain certification.

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Alfa Chemistry is one of the largest providers of aromatics CRMs in the world and the quality assurance is of prime importance to Alfa Chemistry. The solvent from Alfa Chemistry in the world is synonymous with reliability and excellent quality. Because of the exacting nature of our business and the regulatory demands placed upon our industry, Alfa Chemistry continues to be at the forefront in terms of compliance, accreditations and certifications.


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CAS Number: 527-60-6
Molecular Weight: 136.19
CAS Number: 84-51-5
Molecular Formula: C16H12O2
Molecular Weight: 236.27
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