Steroids/Doping Agents Standards

Steroids/Doping Agents Standards

Steroids are tetracyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon derivatives that exist in all animals and plants and have important medical value. It has a clear role in maintaining life and regulating functions. But at the same time, steroid agents also have a strong endocrine disrupting effect, which is extremely harmful to ecology and the environment. The use of steroid drugs must strictly follow the requirements. In order to standardize the guidelines for the use of such drugs, steroids /doping agents standards can be widely used to identify the abuse of steroid/doping agents. It can make the analysis more convenient, accurate and efficient.

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Alfa Chemistry is one of the largest providers of steroids/doping agents standards in the world and the quality assurance is of prime importance to Alfa Chemistry. The solvent from Alfa Chemistry in the world is synonymous with reliability and excellent quality. Because of the exacting nature of our business and the regulatory demands placed upon our industry, Alfa Chemistry continues to be at the forefront in terms of compliance, accreditations and certifications.


  1. Anders, R.; et al. Use of doping agents, particularly anabolic steroids, in sports and society [J]. The Lancet. 2008(31) 721–732.
CAS Number: 56392-17-7
Molecular Weight: 684.81
CAS Number: 73590-58-6
Molecular Formula: C17H19N3O3S
Molecular Weight: 345.42
CAS Number: 927871-76-9
Molecular Weight: 209.31
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