Water Soluble Polymers Analytical Standards

Water Soluble Polymers analytical standards

In the field of pharmaceutical, water soluble polymer materials are widely used, which can be used in pharmaceutical excipients, pharmaceutical packaging, medical materials and other aspects. Analysis of the physical and chemical properties of water soluble polymer materials used in the pharmaceutical process plays an important role in the safety and quality of drugs. Water soluble polymers analytical standard is a branch of the reference materials. In addition, water soluble polymers analytical standards have one or more characteristic values, which can be used to calibrate measuring instruments and devices, evaluate measurement and analysis methods, assess the operating skills of analysts, and control product quality.

Generally, the water soluble polymers analytical standards are powders or crystals. Furthermore, according to the analysis needs, appropriate solvents can be selected to dilute the water soluble polymers analytical standards into the standard solution with required concentration. Commonly used water soluble polymers analytical standards include dextran, poly (acrylic acid sodium salt), poly (ethylene glycol), pullulan and others.

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