Derivatization Reagents


Derivatization is the use of chemical transformations to transform compounds into substances with similar chemical structures. To put it simply, they can help you convert samples that cannot be analyzed into analytical compounds through the reaction of derivatization reagents. There are many derivatization reagents. Examples of derivatization reagents include: alkylation reagents, silylation reagents, acylation reagents, fluorescent derivatization reagents, ultraviolet derivatization reagents, hydroxyl derivatization reagents, chiral derivatization reagents, amino derivatization reagents and the like.

Alfa Chemistry's Product Line

Alfa Chemistry's product line of derivatization reagents includes acylation reagents, alkylation reagents, chiral derivatization reagents, derivatization reagents GC, derivatization reagents HPLC, derivatization reagents TLC, etc. You can quickly find the reagents you need by searching for keywords such as product name and CAS number.

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