Return Policy

General rules: Alfa Chemistry promises that customers who meet the following conditions can contact Alfa Chemistry for return and exchange of goods. 7 days from the date of product sale (subject to the actual date of receipt) you can apply for return and exchange, within 30 days (excluding the customer's personal reasons) you can apply for exchange. The specific return and exchange standards are as follows:

Return TypeSpecific DescriptionWhether to Support Return and Exchange within 7 DaysWhether to Support Exchange within 30 DaysWhether to Charge the Return Shipping FeeRemark
Quality ProblemThe product quality problem refers to the appearance, state, physicochemical properties and other indexes of the product, which are not consistent with the indexes in the product quality standard. The customer provides a photo or atlas that can prove that the product is defective and confirmed by our technical department that the product is defective in quality.YesYesNoIf the customer is unable to provide the relevant maps or photos, but it is confirmed by our technical department that the quality of the product is defective, it can also be dealt with according to this return type.
Transport DamageTransportation damage refers to damage, leakage, breakage, fouling, etc. caused in the transportation process. The customer provides photos that can clearly see the problems of the goods, which is confirmed to be transportation damage by our after-sale customer service personnel.YesNoNoIf the courier can provide the relevant proof, it will speed up the handling of the problem.
Alfa Chemistry Operation ErrorIt refers to the mistakes made by the employees of Alfa Chemistry company in making orders, leaving the warehouse, sorting, shipping and so on.YesNoNoReturn express delivery must choose our designated express delivery company.
Customer's ReasonThe return of the goods caused by the customer's personal reasons must be verified by our after-sales customer service personnel. The specific confirmation contents include but are not limited to the following contents: whether the product belongs to the low temperature transportation preservation, whether the product belongs to the standard product, whether the product is sensitive to light, and whether the product is belongs to custom products, whether the products are opened, etc.; easy to make explosive and easy to make poisonous products are not processed for return; return need to charge the corresponding handling fee, the specific fee should be communicated with our staff.YesYesYesThe express delivery fee shall be borne by the customer, and if the returned product is leaked, damaged or lost during the return process, the customer shall be responsible for it.


In particular, the following circumstances do not apply for return or exchange:

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