Reticulocyte Stain

Reticulocyte Stain
Reticulocyte Stain


Reticulocyte Stain

  • Product code: ACMBS-18
  • Specifications:6x20mL, 2x100mL (Box)
  • Intended use: Intended for staining of reticulocyte and hemoglobin H inclusion body in whole blood
  • Store temperature: 5℃~30℃
  • Expiry date: 24 Months

More Details

PrincipleMain componentsSample requirementTest procedureResult interpretationPrecautions


Reticulocyte are transitional cells between young red blood cells and fully mature red blood cells. Due to the presence of basophilic RNA in the cytoplasm of the cells, the cells are stained with reticulocyte staining solution, and the cytoplasm is microscopically examined. A light blue or dark blue mesh structure is visible. Reticulocyte staining solution is mainly used for retinal red blood cell staining. The result of this staining solution is that the background color is very bright and clear, and it is not affected by long-time excessive staining. On the contrary, the longer the staining time, the brighter the background, and it is currently the preferred reticulocyte staining solution.

The reticulated red staining solution was added to the blood, and after incubation at 37℃, hemoglobin H (HbH) precipitated due to oxidative degeneration, and was in the form of granules, dispersed and evenly dispersed in the red blood cells, and dyed into dark green blue.

Main components

Reagent compositionMain ingredient
Reticulocyte solutionNew methylene blue

Sample requirement

  • Fresh whole blood or EDTA·K2 Anticoagulant.

Test procedure

Reticulocyte staining:

  • 1. The reticulocyte staining solution is mixed with whole blood in a ratio of 1:1, and allowed to stand at room temperature for 20 minutes or longer.
  • 2. Made into a blood smear, dried and observed under the microscope, interpretation.

Hemoglobin H inclusion body staining:

  • 1. Mix the reticulocyte staining solution with whole blood in a ratio of 2:1, add the plug, and place in a 37℃ water bath for 4~18 hours.
  • 2. Made into a blood smear, dried and observed under the microscope, interpretation.

Result interpretation

  • 1. Reticulocyte staining: The cytoplasm of reticulocytes contains a light blue or dark blue network structure, and 1000 red blood cells are observed by oil mirror to calculate the percentage of reticulocytes.
  • 2. Hemoglobin H inclusion body staining: In the red blood cells, there are dark green and blue circular bodies of different sizes and numbers, and the irregularities are scattered in the red blood cells. 1000 red blood cells were observed with an oil microscope, and the percentage of HbH inclusion body-positive red blood cells was calculated.


  • 1. This method of operation is test tube staining method.
  • 2. The staining time must be enough, cannot be smeared immediately after mixing. When the room temperature is low in winter, the staining time should be extended appropriately.
  • 3. After the reagents are used up, please cover them quickly to avoid evaporation.
  • 4. Please do not use after the reagent has expired. When storing this reagent, avoid high and low temperature environment and direct sunlight.
  • 5. This product should be used by professionals and the interpretation of the results.
  • 6. Read the instruction manual carefully before use, use it within the validity period, and do personal hygiene protection.
  • 7. Dispose of waste according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department after use.
  • 8. Production lot number and expiration date on the package.


1. The State Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China Medical Administration Bureau. National Clinical Laboratory Procedures [M]. 3th ed. Beijing: People's Medical Publishing House, 2006.

2. Gradwohl's Clinical Laboratory Methods And Diagnosis, 8th, ed.

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