Analytical Standards

An analytical standard is a compound of high purity and known concentration to be used to confirm the presence of specific components in mixtures, to increase the precision of quantitative analysis, to perform a test or a calibration of an analyzer and for other purposes. The characteristic value of this reagent should have good accuracy, and it should also be able to convert with the SI unit, and a consistent standard value can be obtained, which is determined by an accurate standardized method. The determination and use of standard reagents are international.

The analytical standards provided by Alfa Chemistry are used for the analysis and detection of chromatography (HPLC, GPC, GC), electrophoresis, microscopy, spectrophotometry, titration, and physical property testing, covering life science standards, agricultural and environmental standards, clinical application standards, air testing standards, certification standards, food and beverage standards, cosmetics testing standards, organic standard solutions, etc. You can quickly find the analytical standard you need by searching for keywords such as product name, CAS number and so on.

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