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Alfa Chemistry provides the best quality bio-reagents that assist life science researchers to find solutions in quest of scientific achievements. We offer a series of UltraScence Western substrates, which are luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescent substrates for the detection of antigens at different sensitivity levels. Our Western Blotting Substrates are available in liquid and powder forms, both of which perform equally. Click the links below to learn more about our various UltraScence Western Substrates.

UltraScence Western Substrate Liquid

UltraScence Western Substrate Powder

How to choose the most suitable ECL substrate?

UltraScence ECL substrates series is compatible with the use from low picogram to low-femtogram level detection. Please refer to the ECL selection guide for UltraScence Western Substrates in the table below to find the most suitable ECL for your Western blot application.

Western substratesSensitivity
UltraScence Pico Plus Western Substrate
Low picogram or high femtogram
UltraScence Pico Ultra Western Substrate
Low picogarm-mid femtogram
UltraScence Femto Western Substrate
Mid femtogram to low femtogram
UltraScence Femto Plus Western Substrate
Mid femtogram to low femtogram
UltraScence Atto Western Substrate
Low femtogram to high attogram

Alfa Chemistry is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production, sales, application and services. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying the best bio-reagents for life science laboratories. For more information about our bio-reagents, please feel free to contact us.

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