Leukocyte Peroxidase Stain (POX) (Benzidine Method)

Leukocyte Peroxidase Stain (POX) (Benzidine Method)
Leukocyte Peroxidase Stain (POX) (Benzidine Method)


Leukocyte Peroxidase Stain (POX) (Benzidine Method)

  • Product code: ACMBS-43
  • Specifications: 5Tests, 20Tests, 100Tests (Box)
  • Intended use: This kit is for staining bone marrow cell and blood cell smear
  • Store temperature: 2℃~8℃
  • Expiry date: 12 Months

More Details

PrincipleMain componentsSample requirementTest procedureResult interpretationMethod limitationPrecautions


Benzidine method: The Intracellular peroxidase transferred hydrogen atom of colorless diaminobenzidine to the hydrogen peroxide. the former into a colored dye deposited in the cytoplasm of the enzyme where the parts.

Main components

Reagent compositionMain ingredient
1. Benzidine solution (solution A)Benzidine
2. H2O2 solution (solution B)H2O2
3. Wright-Giemsa solution (solution C)Wright-Giemsa
4. Phosphate buffer (solution D)Phosphate

Sample requirement

  • Fresh bone marrow cell smear and blood cell smear.

Test procedure

  • 1. Add solution A few drops into fresh smear (Cover the smear is appropriate), then add solution B few drops (solution A: solution B=1:1), after mix then stand room temperature 5~10 minutes, then running water flushing 2 minutes.
  • 2. Wright-Giemsa stain: solution C and solution D mixing (C:D=1:2), then staining 3~5 minutes, then running water flushing, after dry go to microscopy.

Result interpretation

  • Positive reaction appeared Yellow-brown or Black-blue granules.
  • Reference range
  • 1. Granulocyte System: Neutrophils other than myeloblasts and cells at lower stages are positive. Eosinophils are found to be stained fast and deeply, basophil are in negative reaction.
  • 2. Monocytes System: Some cells are with weakly positive reaction and have small granules diffusely spread in cells. Some cells are in negative reaction.
  • 3. Macrophages are in positive reaction at variant degrees.
  • 4. Lymphocytes, plasmacytes, nucleated red blood cells, and megakaryocytes are negative.

Method limitation

  • Only use for morphological staining to observe.


  • 1. The methodology is the ICSH recommendation method.
  • 2. The kit should be used before the room temperature, shake the reagent before use.
  • 3. Tightly cap the reagent bottle immediately after use to avoid evaporation.
  • 4. This kit must be used by professionals and the interpretation of results.
  • 5. Should carefully read the instruction manual using. Can only be used before expiration date, and good personal hygiene protection.
  • 6. Wastes should be disposed with care as biohazardous materials by following local EPA guidelines.
  • 7. Production lot number and expiration date on the package.


1. National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China Medical Administration Hospital Authority. National Clinical Laboratory Procedures [M]. 4th ed. Beijing: People's Medical Publishing House, 2014.

2. Gradwohl's Clinical Laboratory Methods And Diagnosis, 8th, ed.

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