Flame Retardants Analytical Standards

Flame Retardants Analytical Standards

Flame retardants are mainly functional additives designed to hinder the combustion of polymer materials and impart flame retardancy to flammable polymers. According to the method of using the combustion promoter, it can be divided into additive flame retardant and reactive flame retardant. Additive combustion aids are added to the polymer by mechanical mixing to make the polymer flame retardant. The reactive combustion promoter is used as a monomer to participate in the polymerization reaction to make the polymer itself flame-retardant.

Flame retardants are mainly used to increase the flame resistance of polymer materials, such as plastics, rubber, and fibers. These materials are difficult to degrade in the natural environment, causing pollution to the ecological environment. In order to quickly detect pollutants in the environment, flame retardant analysis standards are often used as reference materials for rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis. At the same time, it can also be used to assess whether the material meets the use standard.

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CAS Number: 60348-60-9
Molecular Weight: 564.69
CAS Number: 6876-00-2
Molecular Weight: 249.10
CAS Number: 7025-06-1
Molecular Weight: 249.10
CAS Number: 7773-06-0
Molecular Weight: 114.12
CAS Number: 513-02-0
Molecular Formula: C9H21O4P
Molecular Weight: 224.23
CAS Number: 78-51-3
Molecular Formula: C18H39O7P
Molecular Weight: 398.47
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