Volatiles/Semivolatiles Analytical Standards

Volatiles/Semivolatiles Analytical Standards

The main difference between volatile and semivolatile is the difference in boiling point. The boiling point of volatiles is 50°C-240°C, while the boiling point of semivolatiles is 240-400°C. Most volatiles/semivolatiles have uncomfortable special odors, toxicity, irritation, teratogenicity and carcinogenicity, especially benzene, toluene and formaldehyde. Not only that, the volatiles/semivolatiles in the atmosphere will generate the main precursors of photochemical smog pollutants, and are also an important source of toxic and harmful organic components in the fine particles of the atmosphere, which can cause haze.

In order to optimize the ecological environment of the earth, the detection of the volatile/semi-volatile content in the environment is very important. The determination of the volatile/semi-volatile content still requires the use of standards for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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  1. Cheng-Hao, C.; et al. Fizzy Extraction of Volatile and Semivolatile Compounds into the Gas Phase. Anal. Chem. 2016, 88, 8735−8740.
CAS Number: 112-85-6
Molecular Weight: 340.58
CAS Number: 2155-94-4
Molecular Weight: 85.15
CAS Number: 535-77-3
Molecular Weight: 134.22
CAS Number: 629-73-2
Molecular Weight: 224.43
CAS Number: 638-36-8
Molecular Weight: 282.55
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