1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium methyl sulfate

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For Research Use Only | Not For Clinical Use
MDL NumberMFCD03095437
Molecular Weight250.32

1Functionalization of Glassy Carbon With Diazonium Salts in Ionic Liquids

Paolo Actis, Guilain Caulliez, Galyna Shul, Marcin Opallo, Michel Mermoux, Bernadette Marcus, Rabah Boukherroub, Sabine Szunerits

Langmuir. 2008 Jun 17;24(12):6327-33.

PMID: 18476667

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1Optimization of Oligomeric Enzyme Activity in Ionic Liquids Using Rhodotorula Glutinis Yeast Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase

Christiaan C Barron, Brandon J D Sponagle, Pugazhendhi Arivalagan, Godwin B D'Cunha

Enzyme Microb Technol. 2017 Jan;96:151-156.

PMID: 27871376

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CAT Size Form Shipping Storage Conditions Description Price
AP401788985-1 100G, 500G, 1KG ≥95% INQUIRY
AP401788985-2 5G, 50G ≥97.0% (HPLC) INQUIRY
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