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MDL NumberMFCD20133902
Molecular Weight432.38
Assay≥95.0% (HPLC)

1A Comparative Study on Aqueous Root Extracts of Pueraria Thomsonii and Pueraria Lobata by Antioxidant Assay and HPLC Fingerprint Analysis

Ren-Wang Jiang, Kit-Man Lau, Hung-Ming Lam, Wing-Sze Yam, Lai-Kin Leung, Kam-Lin Choi, Mary M Y Waye, Thomas C W Mak, Kam-Sang Woo, Kwok-Pui Fung

J Ethnopharmacol. 2005 Jan 4;96(1-2):133-8.

PMID: 15588661

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