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MDL NumberMFCD11870116
Molecular Weight220.35
REAXYS Number9048187
Descriptionanalytical standard
Formneat; gas chromatography (GC): suitable
Gradeanalytical standard
REAXYS Number9048187
Storage Conditions−20°C

1Effects of a Branched P-Nonylphenol Isomer (4(3',6'-dimethyl-3'-heptyl)-phenol) on Embryogenesis in Lymnae Stagnalis L

J O Lalah, G F Severin, K-W Schramm, D Lenoir, A Behechti, K Guenther, A Kettrup

Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 2007 Jan;52(1):104-12.

PMID: 17061053

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1Identification of Metabolites of 4-nonylphenol Isomer 4-(3',6'-dimethyl-3'-heptyl) Phenol by Rat and Human Liver Microsomes

Xiaoyun Ye, Amber M Bishop, Larry L Needham, Antonia M Calafat

Drug Metab Dispos. 2007 Aug;35(8):1269-74.

PMID: 17460028

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1Regioselective Synthesis of a Branched Isomer of Nonylphenol, 4-(3',6'-dimethyl-3'-heptyl)phenol, and Determination of Its Important Environmental Properties

J O Lalah, K W Schramm, D Lenoir, B Henkelmann, N Hertkorn, G Matuschek, A Kettrup, K Günther

Chemistry. 2001 Nov 19;7(22):4790-5.

PMID: 11763447

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1Synthesis of Branched Para-Nonylphenol Isomers: Occurrence and Quantification in Two Commercial Mixtures

Alexander S Russ, Ralph Vinken, Ingolf Schuphan, Burkhard Schmidt

Chemosphere. 2005 Sep;60(11):1624-35.

PMID: 16083769

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1The Degradation of Alpha-Quaternary Nonylphenol Isomers by Sphingomonas Sp. Strain TTNP3 Involves a Type II Ipso-Substitution Mechanism

P F X Corvini, J Hollender, R Ji, S Schumacher, J Prell, G Hommes, U Priefer, R Vinken, A Schäffer

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2006 Mar;70(1):114-22.

PMID: 16091931

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