Deuterium oxide

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MDL NumberMFCD00044636
Molecular Weight20.03
EC Number232-148-9
InChI KeyXLYOFNOQVPJJNP-ZSJDYOACSA-N; 1 mM terephthalic acid disodium salt
Description99.994 atom % D, contains 1 mM terephthalic acid disodium salt, 0.01 % (w/v) DSS-d6
Density1.107 g/mL at 25 °C
BP101.4 °C (lit.); 101.4 °C
MP3.8 °C (lit.)
SizeThisproductcanbepackagedondemand.Forinformationonpricing, availabilityandpackagingofcustomsizes, pleasecontactStableIsotopesCustomerService.
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