Endothelin 2 human

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For Research Use Only | Not For Clinical Use
MDL NumberMFCD00133306
Molecular Weight2546.92
Description≥97% (HPLC), powder
Assay≥97% (HPLC)
Size50μG, 0.1MG
Storage Conditions−20°C

1Characterization of the MMP/TIMP Imbalance and Collagen Production Induced by IL-1β or TNF-α Release From Human Hepatic Stellate Cells

Sacha Robert, Thomas Gicquel, Aude Bodin, Vincent Lagente, Elisabeth Boichot

PLoS One. 2016 Apr 5;11(4):e0153118.

PMID: 27046197

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1Comparative Analysis of Serum Proangiogenic Biomarkers Between Those With and Without Diabetic Retinopathy

Tayyaba Gul Malik, Syed Shoaib Ahmed, Roquyya Gul, Eiman Ayesha

J Coll Physicians Surg Pak. 2018 Sep;28(9):686-689.

PMID: 30158034

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1Expression and Regulation of endothelin-1 and Its Receptors in Human Penile Smooth Muscle Cells

S Granchi, G B Vannelli, L Vignozzi, C Crescioli, P Ferruzzi, R Mancina, M C Vinci, G Forti, S Filippi, M Luconi, F Ledda, M Maggi

Mol Hum Reprod. 2002 Dec;8(12):1053-64.

PMID: 12468637

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1Human Transcription Factor GATA-2. Evidence for Regulation of preproendothelin-1 Gene Expression in Endothelial Cells

D M Dorfman, D B Wilson, G A Bruns, S H Orkin

J Biol Chem. 1992 Jan 15;267(2):1279-85.

PMID: 1370462

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1Metastatic Bone Disease: Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Options: Up-date on Bone Metastasis Management

Stella D'Oronzo, Robert Coleman, Janet Brown, Francesco Silvestris

J Bone Oncol. 2018 Nov 6;15:004-4.

PMID: 30937279

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