Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Receptor human

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MDL NumberMFCD01323726
Description≥95% (SDS-PAGE), recombinant, expressed in NSO cells, lyophilized powder
Assay≥95% (SDS-PAGE)
Formlyophilized powder; β subunit ~46 & 50 kDa
Impuritiesendotoxin, tested
Storage Conditions−20°C

1[Preliminary Investigation of the Expression and Functions of Insulin Receptor Isoforms in Endometrial Carcinoma]

Guo Zhang, Xiao-ping Li, Jian-liu Wang, Li-hui Wei

Zhonghua Fu Chan Ke Za Zhi. 2012 Nov;47(11):839-45.

PMID: 23302125

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1Characterization and Cloning of a 58/53-kDa Substrate of the Insulin Receptor Tyrosine Kinase

T C Yeh, W Ogawa, A G Danielsen, R A Roth

J Biol Chem. 1996 Feb 9;271(6):2921-8.

PMID: 8621681

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1Characterization of a Specific Somatomedin-C Receptor on Isolated Bovine Growth Plate Chondrocytes

S B Trippel, J J Van Wyk, M B Foster, M E Svoboda

Endocrinology. 1983 Jun;112(6):2128-36.

PMID: 6303759

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1Differences in IGF-axis Protein Expression and Survival Among Multiethnic Breast Cancer Patients

Brenda Y Hernandez, Lynne R Wilkens, Loïc Le Marchand, David Horio, Clayton D Chong, Lenora W M Loo

Cancer Med. 2015 Mar;4(3):354-62.

PMID: 25619494

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1Insulin-like Growth factor-I receptor/human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 Heterodimerization Contributes to Trastuzumab Resistance of Breast Cancer Cells

Rita Nahta, Linda X H Yuan, Bing Zhang, Ryuji Kobayashi, Francisco J Esteva

Cancer Res. 2005 Dec 1;65(23):11118-28.

PMID: 16322262

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