NS 2028

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MDL NumberMFCD01530052
Molecular Weight269.05
SolubilityDMSO: 13 mg/mL; ethanol: 4.8 mg/mL; 2-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin: insoluble; H2O: insoluble
Size5MG, 25MG

1Characterization of NS 2028 as a Specific Inhibitor of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase

S P Olesen, J Drejer, O Axelsson, P Moldt, L Bang, J E Nielsen-Kudsk, R Busse, A Mülsch

Br J Pharmacol. 1998 Jan;123(2):299-309.

PMID: 9489619

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1Formic Acid Up-Regulates Vascular Tension Through Nitric oxide-cGMP Signaling Pathway

Quanxi Zhang, Yuxin Niu, Wenru Lyu, Mengbin Yu

Chem Biol Interact. 2019 Aug 25;309:108710.

PMID: 31199930

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1Participation of PKG and PKA-related pathways in the IFN-γ induced modulation of the BK Ca channel activity in human cardiac fibroblasts

M V Mitrokhin, V Kalsin, O Kamkina, I Babkina, A Zotov, V A Troitskiy, M I Mladenov, G A Kamkin

J Pharmacol Sci. 2019 Sep;141(1):25-31.

PMID: 31533896

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1The Anti-Diabetic Drug Dapagliflozin Induces Vasodilation via Activation of PKG and Kv Channels

Hongliang Li, Sung Eun Shin, Mi Seon Seo, Jin Ryeol An, Il-Whan Choi, Won-Kyo Jung, Amy L Firth, Dae-Sung Lee, Mi-Jin Yim, Grace Choi, Jeong Min Lee, Sung Hun Na, Won Sun Park

Life Sci. 2018 Mar 15;197:46-55.

PMID: 29409796

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1The Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase Inhibitor NS-2028 Reduces Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-Induced Angiogenesis and Permeability

Lucia Morbidelli, Anastasia Pyriochou, Sandra Filippi, Ioannis Vasileiadis, Charis Roussos, Zongmin Zhou, Heleni Loutrari, Johannes Waltenberger, Anne Stössel, Athanassios Giannis, Marina Ziche, Andreas Papapetropoulos

Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2010 Mar;298(3):R824-32.

PMID: 20032260

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