Oil and Grease in Soil

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EC Number238-878-4
Descriptioncertified reference material
Gradecertified reference material

1Accumulation of Oil and Grease in Soils Irrigated With Greywater and Their Potential Role in Soil Water Repellency

Micheal J Travis, Noam Weisbrod, Amit Gross

Sci Total Environ. 2008 May 1;394(1):68-74.

PMID: 18280539

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1Induced Bioelectrochemical Metabolism for Bioremediation of Petroleum Refinery Wastewater: Optimization of Applied Potential and Flow of Wastewater

Gunda Mohanakrishna, Riyadh I Al-Raoush, Ibrahim M Abu-Reesh

Bioresour Technol. 2018 Jul;260:227-232.

PMID: 29626782

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1Phytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) Contaminated Soil by Using Mimosa Pudica L

Basumatary Budhadev, Saikia Rubul, Bordoloi Sabitry, Sarma Hari Prasad

J Environ Sci Eng. 2014 Jul;56(3):327-32.

PMID: 26563085

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1Soybean Plant-Based Toxicity Assessment and Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated by Vegetable and Mineral Oils Used in Power Electrical Transformers

Karina Sanderson, Aparecido Nivaldo Módenes, Fernando Rodolfo Espinoza-Quiñones, Daniela Estelita Goes Trigueros, Luiz Antônio Zanão Júnior, Adilson Ricken Schuelter, Camila Vargas Neves, Alexander Dimitrov Kroumov

Chemosphere. 2018 Apr;197:228-240.

PMID: 29353673

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1Spatial Analysis of a Hydrocarbon Waste-Remediating Landfarm Demonstrates Influence of Management Practices on Bacterial and Fungal Community Structure

Jordyn Bergsveinson, Benjamin J Perry, Gavin L Simpson, Christopher K Yost, Robert J Schutzman, Britt D Hall, Andrew D S Cameron

Microb Biotechnol. 2019 Nov;12(6):1199-1209.

PMID: 30927344

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