Palladium Hollow Cathode Lamp: 2.0" Diameter, 9-pin, Non-Coded

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For Research Use Only | Not For Clinical Use
SynonymsPalladium element, P 50, MPP 050, SFP 1001P, MPP 080, Palladium (powder), IG 0218A, Palladium/carbon, MPP 030, Palladium, Palladex 600, Palladium Black, Paladio, Palladium (nanoparticles), TCP 211, P 50 (metal),Palladium on carbon
IUPAC Namepalladium
Molecular Weight106.42
Molecular FormulaPd
Canonical SMILES[Pd]
Accurate Mass105.9035
SubcategoryInstrument standards and consumables, AA & GFAA consumables, Instrument supplies and consumables, VHG
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