Rabeprazole sodium

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SynonymsPepcia, 2-[[[4-(3-Methoxypropoxy)-3-methylpyridin-2-yl]methyl]sulfinyl]-1H-benzimidazole sodium salt, Rabeprazole Sodium Imp. B (EP), 1H-Benzimidazole, 2-[[[4-(3-methoxypropoxy)-3-methyl-2-pyridinyl]methyl]sulfinyl]-, sodium salt (9CI), Pariet, Aciphex, Rabicip, Razo, Rabeprazole USP RC E, Pariprazole, E 3810, Rabeprazole sodium, Rabeprazole Imp. B (EP), Rabeprazole USP Related Compound E,1H-Benzimidazole, 2-[[[4-(3-methoxypropoxy)-3-methyl-2-pyridinyl]methyl]sulfinyl]-, sodium salt (1:1), LY 307640 sodium
IUPAC Namesodium;2-[[4-(3-methoxypropoxy)-3-methylpyridin-2-yl]methylsulfinyl]benzimidazol-1-ide
Molecular Weight381.42
Molecular FormulaC18H20N3O3S.Na
Canonical SMILES[Na+].COCCCOc1ccnc(CS(=O)c2nc3ccccc3[n-]2)c1C
Accurate Mass381.1123
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CAT Size Form Shipping Storage Conditions Description Price
APS117976906-100MG 100MG Room Temperature -18°C Subcategory: Pharmaceutical and veterinary compounds and metabolites INQUIRY
APS117976906-250MG 250MG Room Temperature +5°C API Family: Matrix - API Family Rabeprazole Sodium; Product Type: API; Subcategory: API standards, Additional pharmaceutical toxicology reference materials, Mikromol INQUIRY
APS117976906-10MG 10MG Room Temperature -20°C Freezer Subcategory: Herbicides and metabolites, Stable isotope labelled compounds, Enzyme inhibitors INQUIRY
APS117976906-5MG 5MG Room Temperature -20°C Freezer Subcategory: Stable isotope labelled compounds, Herbicides and metabolites, Enzyme inhibitors INQUIRY
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