Reagecon Melting Point Sulphanilamide +164 to +166°C Standard

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SynonymsProseptal, Rubiazol A, Sulfamidyl, White streptocide, Streptosil, Sanamid, Strepsan, Stramid, Prontalbin, Strepamide, p-Sulfamoylaniline, Sulfanil, Sulfonylamide, Sulphonamide, Sulfanilamide, Sulfana, Sulfonamide P, Sulfadimidine Imp. D (Pharmeuropa), Septolix, 4-Aminophenylsulfonamide, Septoplex, Copticide, Sulphanilamide, Lysococcine, Ph Eur Sulfamethoxazole Impurity E, Ro 1-3354, Astreptine, Sulfanilamide, Sulfanalone, Sulfanidyl, (4-(Aminosulfonyl)phenyl)amine, Prontosil white, Therapol, Sulfacetamide Imp. A (EP), 4-Sulfamoylaniline, Streptopan, Prontosil I, 1162F, p-Anilinesulfonamide, 4-(Aminosulfonyl)aniline, Sulfadimidine Imp. D (EP), Streptocid album, Prontosil Album, Streptozol, Exoseptoplix, Orgaseptine, Astrocid, Septoplix, Sulfamine, Tolder, Antistrept,Sulfacetamide Sodium Imp. A (EP), Colsulanyde, Streptagol, Sulfamethoxazole Imp. E (EP), Lusil, Deseptyl, Septanilam, Bacteramid, Septinal, Streptocom, Streptasol, Estreptocida, 4-Aminobenzenesulfonamide, Streptocid, Collomide, Sulfanilamide Vaginal Cream, Proseptine, 4-Aminobenzenesulphonamide, Albosal, PABS, Sulfaguanidine Imp. A (EP), p-Aminobenzenesulfonamide, Gombardol, Sulfocidine, Infepan, Streptamid, F 1162, Gerison, Albexan, Streptocide, A-349, p-Aminophenylsulfonamide, Sulfadiazine Imp. D (EP), Streptoclase, Fourneau 1162, Stopton Album, Prontylin, Strepton, Pysococcine, Dipron, Sulfonamide, Sulfadiazine Imp. D (Pharmeuropa), NSC 7618, Pronzin Album, Erysipan, Septamide Album, Streptozone, Ambeside, Proseptol, p-Sulfamidoaniline, Streptocide (white), Ergaseptine, Bactesid, Neococcyl
IUPAC Name4-aminobenzenesulfonamide
Molecular Weight172.20
Molecular FormulaC6H8N2O2S
Canonical SMILESNc1ccc(cc1)S(=O)(=O)N
Accurate Mass172.0306
SubcategoryThermal properties
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