Rhodamine B Base

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MDL NumberMFCD00066967
SynonymsSolvent Red 49
Molecular Weight442.55
Molecular FormulaC28H30N2O3
Melting Point140 °C
AppearancePink or red powder or crystals
Storage20 °C

Is rhodamine a basic dye?

This dye is usually synthetic, that act as bases, and which are actually aniline dyes.

Is Rhodamine B Base soluble in water?

Their color base is not water soluble but can be made so by converting the base into a salt.

What is the composition of Rhodamine B?

Rhodamine B.

Is rhodamine B pH sensitive?

Rhodamine B has a fluorescence quantum yield of 0.7 in ethanol, making it a highly fluorescent molecule in its open form. when designed optimally, should be highly sensitive and selective to a change in pH.

Is Rhodamine B cationic or anionic?

Rhodamine B is synthetically prepared xanthene cationic dye and widely used for paper printing and as a colourant in textile and food stuff.

Is rhodamine B stable?

Rhodamine B is difficult to biodegrade due to its high solubility and stable nature.

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