Sodium acetate-2-13C

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For Research Use Only | Not For Clinical Use
MDL NumberMFCD00037668
Molecular Weight83.03
REAXYS Number4211334
Linear Formula13CH3CO2Na
REAXYS Number4211334

1Palmitoyl-ceramide Accumulation With Necrotic Cell Death in A549 Cells, Followed by a Steep Increase in Sphinganine Content

Mototeru Yamane

Biochim Open. 2015 Jun 21;1:11-27.

PMID: 29632826

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AP13291899-1 1G 99 atom % 13C INQUIRY
AP13291899-2 Thisproductcanbepackagedondemand.Forinformationonpricing, availabilityandpackagingofcustomsizes, pleasecontactStableIsotopesCustomerService. S & P tested, 99 atom % 13C INQUIRY
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