VAT Red 1

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SynonymsAhcovat Printing Pink FF, Paradone Brilliant Pink R, Calcophyl Red FF, Indanthren Brilliant Rose R,6-Chloro-2-(6-chloro-4-methyl-3-oxobenzo[b]thien-2(3H)-ylidene)-4-methylbenzo[b]thiophen-3(2H)-one, Oralith Brilliant Pink R, D&C Red No. 30, Thioindigo Brilliant Pink ZhP, Calcoloid Pink FFC, Durindone Printing Pink FF, Calcoloid Printing Pink FFE, Indanthren Brilliant Pink RB, Indanthrene Brilliant Pink R, Japan Red 226, Hostavat Brilliant Pink R, Durindone Pink FF, Vat Pink R, Sanyo Threne Brillant Pink IR, Calcoloid Pink FFRP, Indanthren Brilliant Pink R, Fenanthren Brilliant Pink R, Helindone Pink CN, Durindone Pink FF-FA, Calophyl Pink ZFF, 6,6'-Dichloro-4,4'-dimethyl-[Δ2,2'(3H,3'H)-bibenzo[b]thiophene]-3,3'-dione, Sulfanthrene Pink FFD, Nyanthrene Brilliant Pink R, Sandothrene Brilliant Pink R, Vat Pink FF, Helindon Pink CN, Ahcovat Pink FFD, Helanthrene Brilliant Pink R, Pink FFT, D&C Red 30, Solanthrene Brilliant Pink RF, Ciba Pink FF, Fast Pink Y, Daltolite Pink FF, Nihonthrene Brilliant Pink R, Permanent Pink, 6,6'-Dichloro-4,4'-dimethylthioindigo, Helanthrene Pink R, Tina Brilliant Pink R, Helindon Pink R, Solanthrene Brilliant Pink F-R, Fenanthren Pink R Spura, 11484 Red, Indanthrene Pink R, Romantrene Brilliant Pink FR, Amanthrene Pink FFWP, Vat Printing Pink FF, Amanthrene Pink FF, Ciba Brilliant Pink R, C.I. Pigment Red 181, Mikethrene Brilliant Pink R, Palanthrene Brilliant Pink R, Lithosol Fast Pink SVP, C.I. 73360, Calcoloid Pink FFD, Ciba Brilliant Pink FR, Pigment Red 181, C.I. Vat Red 1, Tyrian Brilliant Pink I-R, Red No. 226, Fenidon Pink R, Vat Red 1, D and C Red No. 30, 5,5'-Dichloro-3,3'-dimethyl-thioindigo, Amanthrene Pink FFD, Solanthrene Brilliant Pink R, Oracet Pink RF, Indanthren Brilliant Pink RP, Thioindigo Brilliant Pink Zh, Indanthren Brilliant Pink RS, Chemithrene Brilliant Pink R
IUPAC Name(2E)-6-chloro-2-(6-chloro-4-methyl-3-oxo-1-benzothiophen-2-ylidene)-4-methyl-1-benzothiophen-3-one
Molecular Weight393.31
Molecular FormulaC18H10Cl2O2S2
Canonical SMILESCc1cc(Cl)cc2S\C(=C/3\Sc4cc(Cl)cc(C)c4C3=O)\C(=O)c12
Accurate Mass391.9499
ShippingRoom Temperature
Storage Conditions+20°C
SubcategoryDyes and metabolites
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