FA/FAMEs, Lipids, Sterols

FA are a class of compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are the main components of neutral fats, phospholipids and glycolipids. FAME is produced by methylation of FA, which is the main component of biodiesel. Lipid is one of the important nutrients needed by the human body, which provides the energy and essential fatty acids needed by the body, and it is the constituent of human cells and tissues. Sterols are steroids that contain hydroxyl groups and in the structure of sterols, cyclopentane polyhydrophenanthrene is the basic structure. Sterols are widely distributed in the biological world. Cholesterol, for example, is an important component of higher animal cells. Cholesterol ester formed by sterols and long chain fatty acid is an important component of plasma lipoprotein and cell membrane. Therefore, FA, FAMEs, lipids and sterols are closely related to life science researches. It is helpful to study the life process and protect human health to analyze them qualitatively or quantitatively by FA, FAMEs, lipids and sterols standards. FA, FAMEs, lipids and sterols standards are branches of reference materials, which have high purity. In addition, according to the requirements of transportation and experiments, FA, FAMEs, lipids and sterols standards can be made into solution or powder. Commonly used FA, FAMEs, lipids and sterols standards include stearic acid, palmitic acid, potassium sorbate, palmitic acid, methyl octanoate, stigmasterol, cholestanol solution, lard oil and others.

FA/FAMEs, Lipids, Sterols

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Alfa Chemistry is one of the largest providers of FA/FAMEs, lipids, sterols standards for chromatography in the world and the quality assurance is of prime importance to Alfa Chemistry. The solvent from Alfa Chemistry in the world is synonymous with reliability and excellent quality. Because of the exacting nature of our business and the regulatory demands placed upon our industry, Alfa Chemistry continues to be at the forefront in terms of compliance, accreditations and certifications.

CAS Number: 1073-00-3
Molecular Weight: 112.13
CAS Number: 108698-02-8
Molecular Weight: 344.53
CAS Number: 110-40-7
Molecular Weight: 258.35
CAS Number: 1219804-81-5
Molecular Weight: 317.68
CAS Number: 156-54-7
Molecular Weight: 110.09
CAS Number: 1678-45-1
Molecular Weight: 274.40
CAS Number: 2091-39-6
Molecular Weight: 308.50
CAS Number: 2190-21-8
Molecular Weight: 881.40
CAS Number: 2190-25-2
Molecular Weight: 833.36
CAS Number: 2277-23-8
Molecular Weight: 246.34
CAS Number: 23470-00-0
Molecular Weight: 330.50
CAS Number: 2442-56-0
Molecular Weight: 831.34
CAS Number: 26536-13-0
Molecular Weight: 933.56
CAS Number: 2734-47-6
Molecular Weight: 316.48
CAS Number: 29923-31-7
Molecular Weight: 351.41
CAS Number: 3443-82-1
Molecular Weight: 354.52
CAS Number: 372490-74-9
Molecular Weight: 653.07
CAS Number: 39756-30-4
Molecular Weight: 287.62
CAS Number: 506-26-3
Molecular Weight: 278.43
CAS Number: 506-32-1
Molecular Weight: 304.47
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