Lactose (anhydrous)

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SynonymsGalactinum, Lactose anhydride, Prismalac, PrenoLakt, Pharmatosa DCL 21, Nonpareil 107, Fast-flo, LE-PRO LAC 451, Flowlac 100, Lactose DCL 11, Lactose (8CI), Respitose SV 010, Tablettose 80, Lactin, Variolac 960, Zeparox EP, Tablettose 70, Osmolactan, Lactose Fast-flo, Milk sugar, Respitose ML 001, Lactose anhydrous, Saccharum lactin, DCL 15, Super-Tab, Granulac 140, Pharmatose 325M, Lactin (carbohydrate), Sorbalac 400, Spherolac, D-(+)-Lactose, Fast-Flo Lactose, Pharmatose 21, (+)-Lactose, Pharmatose DCL 15, Lactohale 300, Respitose ML 003, Sachelac, DCl 11, Granulac 70, Lactohale 200, O-β-d-Galactopyranosyl-(1→4)-β-d-glucopyranose, Sorbolac 400, Respitose MC 001, Respitose SV 003, Tablettose, D-Glucose, 4-O-β-D-galactopyranosyl-, SuperTab 21AN, Granulac 140M, Lactose Edible 90, Inhalac 70,Lactose, AHL, Dilactose, Lactobiose, SuperTab 11SD, Respitose ML 006, Dairylac 80, Inhalac 250, Lactohale 100, Aletobiose
IUPAC Name(2R,3R,4S,5R,6S)-2-(hydroxymethyl)-6-[(2R,3S,4R,5R,6RS)-4,5,6-trihydroxy-2-(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydropyran-3-yl]oxy-tetrahydropyran-3,4,5-triol
Molecular Weight342.30
Molecular FormulaC12H22O11
Accurate Mass342.1162
API FamilyMatrix - API Family See respective official monograph(s)
Product TypeExcipient
ShippingRoom Temperature
Storage Conditions2-8°C Fridge/Coldroom
SubcategoryEuropean Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.)
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